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Diane Wooden Consulting is HR with heart.

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Diane’s creative and customized approach to people, policies, procedures and programs offers employers and employees a healthier, happier workplace.

HR: Human Resources

Keep molehills from becoming mountains by building a foundation of tried and tested HR practices essential to business growth and employee satisfaction. Always keep in mind that workplace relationships matter to your success.

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The Other HR: Healthy Relationships

What would it be like to feel good at work – every day? How different would it be when you could see the focus on healthy workplace relationships?

It IS possible! Diane can help you build a respectful and responsive workplace where you, your employees, and the business can grow and develop together.

Healthy Relationships Blog

Think your business is too small to need expert HR advice? Afraid of getting overwhelmed by too many recommendations?

Small and medium-sized business owners are some of Diane’s favourite clients. With her many years of experience, she can help you find an easy to implement, practical solution to whatever is keeping you awake at night. Together, you’ll take it one step at a time, no matter how big or small your steps are.

About Diane

Throughout her extensive career working with leaders and their people in all aspects of human resources, Diane has operated from her core belief that strong, trusting relationships are the key to good business.

Working in partnership with clients, she develops and implements custom strategies focused on creating those great connections. As workplace relationships improve, so do productivity, profits, and peace. Diane helps leaders gain the clarity they need to feel confident and competent with all aspects of human resource management, for happier, healthier workplaces.



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Our Most Important Role

Many years ago my husband and I were thinking about buying a franchise with another couple. We created an action plan and we worked the plan: researching the various franchisors and what they could offer us, talking to banks about borrowing money, counting the traffic in a variety of malls, and so on. As we…

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Who Counts in Your Company?

When asked this question, so many business owners/CEO’s would say “Our people are our greatest asset.” Do you believe them? Or have you concluded it is just talk, something that is written on websites and plaques in corporate offices? It is easy to say, but difficult to “do”. Why would you want to work in…

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